“Looking around at some ‘other’ HUGE groups bumbling into dive sites like sheep, I felt lucky to be out with Dive Urge with their 4-1 group size”

Dive Urge is the brain child of Lynne and Helal, who have lived here since 1997.
Following many years of experience in the diving industry, they felt that the ‘en-masse style’ of normal diving holidays, where lots of divers are bundled on a dive together, distracted not only from the enjoyment and safety of a dive but also endangered the fragile ecology of this stunning place and thus the unique 4:1 ratio of divers to guides, was born.



“My PADI Scuba Instructor was professional and endlessly patient with me…no question was too dumb. I felt like a million bucks when I passed my course and owe it all to his excellent guidance.”

Our PADI Instructors are carefully selected, based on their length of time teaching PADI Courses as well as how long they have been teaching here in Dahab. They are picked for their professionalism and safety as well as how environmentally aware they are….installing a love and respect for the sea in everyone they teach.

Ahmed, and Mohammed (CoCo) are Helal’s brothers and they manage Dive Urge with a ‘nothing too much trouble attitude’.
Nadia Helal, our daughter is our office Manager…she has a smile for everyone and runs your holiday smoothly right from initial enquiry through to your final good bye and all the bits in between.
Nesimi is our club operations manager and he makes sure everything runs smoothly.
Attwar the Chef, Food Urge restaurant. Attwar produces tasty, clean, freshly prepared meals to your liking..including any special dietary requirements you might have.
Hameed is our Bedouin Driver who helps you in and out of dives with a cheery smile as well as being an amazing safari guide.
All our staff have been with us for more than 10 years and are an integral part of the Dive Urge family.

Ahmed, Coco, Helal, Lynne

Ahmed, Coco, Helal, Lynne



“Dive Urge employs locals; Egyptians and Bedouins. Their PADI diving guides always respected marine life and even picked up any rubbish they saw on the dives too…what a great example”

Dive Urge, is a family owned business started by; Lynne, who is English, and her Egyptian husband Helal in 2001. Lynne and Helal met in 1997 and have lived and worked in Dahab, in the diving industry, ever since. Dive Urge grew quickly and became a PADI Gold Palm Resort the first year of opening.

‘We wanted to be different from everyone else, thus the name Dive Urge…to diverge from the normal way dive holidays are run here’

Our main drive is to offer holidays which do not impact on the local environment and also help support the local community. To this end we employ all locals for our work (Egyptian and Bedouin)as well as using local services and recommending local businesses too…this way everyone gets some benefit.

Eco holidays are very important to us and we have been proud members of Responsible Travel since 2001, when it started. We are driven to find way to reduce impact and positively help the local community…here are just some of the ways we do this:

Cotton bags for shopping are provided in the room.
Water dispenser provided in the club,so you can fill up your re-usable water bottles.
Tea and Coffee trays in room use only glass or ceramic.
Restaurant banned plastic straws and  plastic/foil packets for jam, butter and Ketchup…we use ceramic pots instead.
No polystyrene used for safaris, again ceramic plates and normal cutlery.
Their passion for preserving the ecology is born of a deep love and respect for this unique area, both below sea and deep in the mountains.