“Looking around at some ‘other’ HUGE groups, I felt lucky to be out with Dive Urge.”

Dive Urge gave Lynne and Helal, who have lived here since 1997, the chance to explore their ideas of how a diving holiday should be, following many years of experience in the diving industry. They felt that the ‘en-masse style’ of normal diving holidays, where lots of divers are bundled on a dive together, distracted both from the enjoyment and safety of a dive but also endangered the fragile ecology of this stunning place and thus the unique 4:1 ratio of divers to guides, was born.



“Ahmed, my scuba instructor was firm and endlessly patient with me, no question was too dumb. I felt like a million bucks when I passed my course and owe it all to his excellent guidance.”

Ahmed the instructor (pictured above) has literally taught thousands of people to dive during his 16 years teaching in Dahab; installing a love and respect for the sea in all. Nesimi, the dive operation manager, helps you set off from your dives and is there with a cheery smile when you return. Injie our office Manager, has a smile for everyone and runs your holiday smoothly right from initial enquiry through to your final good bye and all the bits in between.

Ahmed, Helal’s brother (pictured second from the left) seen here with his brothers, is the Manager for Dive Urge. He is married and father to two girls, he runs the club smoothly, and with a great sense of humor too. Coco, the youngest brother (seen first on the left) is a familiar face in the club and can fix or find out anything you need.



“Dive Urge employed mostly locals; Egyptians and Bedouins. Diving guides always respected marine life and even cleaned up when it didn’t compromise the client’s enjoyment.”

Dive Urge, is a family owned business started by; Lynne, who is English, and her Egyptian husband Helal in 2001. Lynne and Helal met in 1997 and have lived and worked in Dahab, in the diving industry, ever since. Dive Urge grew quickly and became a PADI Gold Palm Resort the year after opening.

Various articles have been written on Dive Urge from Sport Diver, Diver mag, Dive mag, Dive Girl, Pro’ability and Able Magazine amongst them. The most recent accolades include; Trip Advisor’s Certificate of excellence and winning the ‘Traveller’s Choice award for 2012 and 2013.
 Their passion for preserving the ecology is born of a deep love and respect for this unique area, both below sea and deep in the mountains.

Dive Urge is a family run community business employing nearly all local people and inspiring them to high standards. They have very careful diving practices, as well as locally sourced products and services.”