Dahab – short intro

“Dahab, has a long history of being a centre for relaxation; from its early days as a summer camp for the nomadic Bedouins, to its more recent history as a holiday destination… has stamped the place with its own special energy making it almost impossible not to slow down and take things easy.”


Dahab is named after the golden sands here, brought down by flash floods over millions of years. The result are golden, sandy beaches, part of which forms the main bay of Dahab, with restaurants and bars all along the beach path. Dahab is considered to be one of the Sinai’s most treasured diving destinations. It is a place that many have fallen in love with over the years, and return to time & time again.


How to get here?

Dahab is well connected and it is easy to get here. Flights to Sharm El Sheikh are easily available and have a regular service from different airports all over the UK. For more details, go to our travel tips section. We also include an airport transfer, both ways, in our accommodation package, which takes about one hour.


Where to find Dive Urge & a Map of the area?

“Dive Urge offered a peaceful relaxing get away, nicely situated away from the busy main town but still easily close enough if you felt like a quick stroll into town.”

Dahab can be divided into three major parts. Masbat, which includes the bedouin village Asalah, is in the north. South of Masbat is Mashraba. In the southwest is Medina which includes the Laguna area, famous for its excellent shallow-water windsurfing.

Dahab map

Dive Urge is based at Eel Garden which is both a great dive site and popular snorkelling site. We are at the end of the beach promenade which runs into the main bay of Dahab. On the way, there are some really nice restaurants and bars giving you a great choice of where to eat, drink and relax. Don’t forget that Food-Urge, our in house restaurant is also a great place to eat after your stroll and not far to go for bed too.



Having a hot desert climate as the rest of Egypt, weather in summer is very hot at days and quite hot at nights. In winter it is warm at days and mild at nights. Dahab has a very dry climate and rain is rare, even during the winter months.

Average temperature

Average sea temperature