Family holidays in Dahab

Watch this short video of kids talking about Dive Urge, in Dahab and why they enjoy it so much.
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Some recent quotes from families visiting Dive Urge in Dahab….
Julie and her son Joe, third visit: We always have a great time with Lynne and family. A great family hotel with wonderful staff and restaurant. We always meet great people there too. My son did his underwater photography Padi course too which has yielded some great photos!
Thompson family, first visit: We had a fantastic family holiday (me, my wife and two teenagers) learning to dive and completing our PADI Open Water course at Dive Urge. Lynne, Helal and family were wonderful hosts, welcoming us as friends and always ready for a chat. The rest of team were also really friendly and helpful and we had a fantastic instructor, Ahmed.
Dylan aged 11 came with his Mum: My mum and I did our PADI Open Water at Dive Urge. I had a great time! The room that we stayed in was very comfortable and spacious with a sea view and air conditioning – which was a relief!
I loved playing pool in the magnificent round ceiling room with the ancient ornate lamp hanging from the roof.
The diving was the funnest part of my stay as it was why I was there and because I saw amazing creatures like a sea snake, octopus and millions of lion fish. I loved floating upsidedown in the water and feeling weightless. Ahmed was our instructor and he was very kind and helpful.
Lynne and Helal were very friendly and welcoming and I had a great time playing with their son, Sameh and visiting the town with their kids. Thank you very much for making us welcome. Both my mum and I loved our stay and would love to come again sometime.
Dylan, age 11
Julia came with her daughter, first visit: Dive Urge could not be more different from the huge, impersonal, never-leave-the-compound, all-inclusives at Sharm El Sheik. We knew we were in for something special when wonderful Assistant Manager Coco went out to the shops to buy us the tonic for our duty free gin within minutes of our arrival. The fact that we knew all the staff by name says it all. Ahmed our dive instructor was patient (very patient to start with as we struggled with equalising ears and buoyancy) but by dive three we were really gaining in confidence. By the time we left, having explored the most dramatic and stunning underwater landscapes with jaw-dropping fish and coral, we’d pretty much got it. We loved the truck and boat trips to some really remote locations where we sat in Bedouin cabins in the shade between dives around some of the Red Sea’s most beautiful locations. Coming back on a speed boat with the sun setting behind the pink desert mountains, salty, sticky and elated, I thought – this is just about as good as life gets. We will be back.

Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography:
Learn why the person with the same camera as you, is taking better pictures than you

photography underwater

Learn how to take great underwater photos

Do you like taking your camera when you’re diving…but you would like to take better pictures? Or have you never tried but would like to? We are offering a brand new photo service, here at Dive Urge so that you can get the best out of your existing camera. Why not book a one day course which includes 2 dives and dry sessions during the day to help improve your photo taking as well as editing skills?
Both the professional below have been chose for their skill in teaching photography as well as their eco ethos towards this precious environment…read on..
Kjeld Friis
Kjeld is passionate about his photography and has helped to judge underwater photography competitions too. His mission statement is: ‘As an avid photographer, both over and under water, I have started making underwater photo courses. My goal is to help people take home better photos from their dives, while conserving the environment at the same time’.
Fluro night diving
They say you haven’t really been night diving until you have done it with Fluro…why? Because most coral and fish light up in a totally different way once viewed under special fluro lights, what might seem like a boring piece of lichen or blungy coloured nothingness, suddenly looks like crushed red velvet under these lights…critters hidden from view, are suddenly visible as psychedelic …red turtle grass with a green eel gliding through…a hermit crab, orange and red body with green fringes…totally amazing. Kjeld, not only has the latest leading edgefluro equipment, he also has the correct filters so you can take images on your night dive, full presentations and equipment included.
Jenny Lord
Jenny is a English and a long term resident of Dahab and an experienced and passionate photographer of 10 years who has had her work published in Sports Diver and has had her image used on the front cover of Egypt Today. Jenny will help you make the most out of your camera; whether it is just a regular compact camera or a digital SLR, Jenny can show you how to get the best out of your camera.

You can decide to do this simply as a course to learn more or upgrade it to certify as a PADI Digital Underwater Digital Photographer.

Wreck Elephant

Ready for something unusual, in fact unique?
So there are lots of wreck dives to be had in the Red Sea but none as unique as the ‘Elephant Wreck’ dive in Dahab. Located centrally at the Lighthouse Dive Site in the main bay of Dahab, this unusual spectacle is creating a lot of interest and folk are queuing up to get their picture….next to the Elephant.
This sculpture has been made also of recycled materials; if you look very closely you will see old pans, drain covers, pipes and kitchen equipment which have gone to make up this Eco-Elephant.
Camels and goats are a more normal sight in Dahab as they can regularly be seen, roaming the streets or saddled up with Bedouin boys riding them….
This is just one of the many unique dive sites here in Dahab; Each one offering its own blend of the unusual or amazing. Why not check out our dive sites page for more ideas of what is available here?

lightouse, dahab, dive sites

Elephant dive in Dahab

Learn to Dive with the NEW PADI Open Water ‘Touch’

PADI have introduced a brand new way of learning to dive..BEFORE you come on holiday. No more boring books and sitting inside watching videos….. when all you really want to do is to be diving. Think of all those long hours you spend on the Tube, bus or train commuting to work….or even sat in the waiting room at the Doctors or Dentists…..all this time you could have been… learning to dive!
So what’s new about the PADI ‘Touch’ Well once you have downloaded it you can use it off-line, so there is no need for WiFi or an internet connection. The PADI Touch system takes you through each portion of the dive course with videos and regular reviews, to make sure that you have understood it properly before going on to teach the next section. The fun visuals make learning easy and more importantly it makes you to remember the salient points. Once you arrive here at Dive Urge we will do a quick review to make sure you understood and remembered it all and then you are off into the water, to experience the best feeling in the world, weightlessness underwater surrounded by breathtaking corals, fish, colors and light that make it all worth it.

So why not try the new system of learning or if you are already a diver, recommend this to family and friends. There are no more excuses for not learning to dive and not wanting to make your holiday about boring classwork, now all the time you would have spent watching a video in the classroom or reading your manual and answering questions can now be spent kicking back on the beautiful Dive Urge beach.

Another BIG advantage of doing your course on line before you come (and this does also include the ‘normal’ e-learning system) is that it now includes both your PADI PIC or certification card and your PADI Manual, both of which are mandatory and represent a saving of £65 plus. Also as the book is available on line for your use, anytime you want, it can’t get dropped in the bath and ruined and it is updated for FREE whenever the course changes or is updated. There is no excuse now to learning to dive and we look forward to welcoming you here to take you through your first steps into diving.

Gareth and Hannah learned to dive using PADI Touch system...before they came

Gareth and Hannah learned to dive using PADI Touch system…before they came
E-Learning is also available for all the other further education courses including PADI Advanced Open Water, PADI Rescue Diver, PADI Digital Underwater Photographer, PADI Divemaster, PADI Scuba Tune up.
Learn to dive anywhere... Learn to dive anywhere…