Solo Travelers

Solo Traveler
There are lots of people who go on holiday on their own. It does not mean that they are sad, lonely people with nothing better to do and no-one to do it with…NO some have very busy lives at home and want to travel on their own, perhaps a Mum who has not had time to herself since having the kids, or a stressed business professional that wants to truly kick back and enjoy their own company. In a time when people are starting to reverse the whole philosophy of ‘multi tasking’ into Mindfulness, meditation and embracing the benefits of doing one thing at a time, but really well; diving has become a top way to do this. What better? Than diving under water, ignoring all the blub and noise above the surface to be only able to hear your own breath…but not in a floatation tank, no with diving you get to see fishes and coral, color and amazing creatures that will blow you away. But for whatever we think, diving may not be your partner or mates ‘cup of tea’ and thus you are left thinking where can I go where I will fit in but also be left alone to have some mindfulness, some time to myself to just contemplate life?
Dive Urge in Dahab has been providing quality bespoke diving holidays for 14 years now and with a 100% safety record. We have created a warm ‘home from home’ feel to our unique resort. Consistently number one on reviews, including Trip Advisor. And proud members of Responsible Travel, we strive to find new ways to improve on protecting the environment. Our small groups, MAX 4 divers to a guide, also encourages sociability as it is far easier to enjoy the company of 3 others, than a big group say on a liveaboard.
Our breakfasts are made to order: simply what you want and how you want it and this means no more facing the fear of every solo traveler….Facing the Hotel buffet on your own!!…there can be no more intimidating experience, I think than this. Our way, you can enjoy breakfast, at your leisure, on the beach watching the sea…it really does not get better than this.
We have been asked many times as a provider of dive holidays to all types of people, why we do not make more of a song and dance about what we do for the single traveler? well here you are, come and see why we are so different to the ‘big’ hotels’ and why we have a return rate of 80%.

See you soon.

Solo travel dive urge dahab

Enjoying a stress free breakfast on the beach at Dive Urge

If you are just not up for Xmas in the UK this year and fancy doing something different, why not enjoy our lovely ‘home from home’ atmosphere here at Dive Urge in Dahab, Red Sea. On Xmas day, enjoy some chilled scuba diving and maybe you will even see Santa :) Followed, in the evening with a wonderful Xmas dinner, organic turkey and all the trimmings, but with a difference…on the beach. New Years is a great night too….you will be whisked up into the mountains, fed beautiful BBQ food and enjoy the amazing stars. This year we are even offering a free nights camping in the desert, so you can wake up to a stunning sunrise for the first day of the year.
What better way to start the New Year 2015 ?
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New Years eve 2015, diving, mountians.

Sunrise in Dahab

New Years Eve 2015

Mountain Dinner New Years Eve

Speedboat Trips to Ras Abu Galum

Speedboat dive safari to Ras Abu Galum

Speedboat dive safari to Ras Abu Galum

For thousands of years, travelling to the remote National Park of Ras Abu Galum has only been possible by Camel. Folk who make this journey are rewarded by the simply stunning corals and fishes in abundance of these rarely dives sites. However it is now possible via Dive Urge, to travel there and back by Speedboat, thus reducing a 2-3 hour trip down to a mere 20-30 minutes. An exhilarating ride, seeing the true beauty of the Dahab coastline, this really needs to be done to be believed. Cost is just 160 GBP per person (min 4 people) for an overnight trip or 70 GBP for a day trip and includes everything you need; food, drinks, snacks, fruit as well as camping provided with tents, mattresses and even pillows….more glamping than camping….but also a chance to sleep under the stars and enjoy your beautifully fire cooked dinner next to the sea. An amazing experience and one not to be missed.

Summer Newsletter

Step into summer…..
Come to Dahab

Dahab Happy…

What are the Dahabians up to now???

Find out and watch this funny ‘Dahab Happy Video’… hilarious got to watch this……….
All in aid of making the rest of the world realize what a top, safe & amazingly diverse destination Dahab is.
See if you can spot the Dive Urge crew in there…..

Floods: We have had lots of rain this year…
of Biblical proportions
…..exciting times with flash floods filling up the famous bridge area of Dahab bay too. Lots of green in the desert too.
Who doesn’t lurve a Turtle? A Hawskbill Turtle has been spotted hanging in The Islands for the last 2 weeks. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebookfor regular fishy updates.
Still UK diving? or you could go to Dahab, where the water is a tempting 26 degrees..sunny & warm.
DAN insured divers still covered here in Dahab, now at the new Hyperbaric chamber.

Eel Garden cute Eels

An Eel Garden Eel, just looking adorable on our house reef ‘Eel Garden’ in Dahab, Red Sea. If you want to see more, just book a dive holiday with us.

Our cute Garden Eel

Our cute Garden Eel picture courtesy of the lovely Ray Jordan :)