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Why Dive Urge, we answer Scuabverse's questions

Why Dive Urge, we answer Scubaverse’s questions

Questions for resort.

These are some sample questions for you to answer to help write an interesting article to help promote your center. If any of the questions you do not want to answer that is fine, and also I have added space at the end that if you would like to be asked a specific question you can add the question and answer to the sheet. Hope this works for you.


What is your name?

_________________________________Lynne Helal-Gillis______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What center are you involved with?

______________________________Dive Urge, Dahab_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What is your role within the center?

_______________________________Owner and Marketing Manager________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How long has the center operated for?

__________________________________since 2001, 16 years this year_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How long have you dived for, and what qualification are you?

__________________________________________I am a PADI MSDT and learned to dive in Dahab in 1998_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What is your favorite type of diving?

________________________________________________low key, shallow, shore dives, impulsive_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

If you could tell people one thing about the center (or maybe more) to make them want to visit you what would it be?

____________________________________4-1 we are the only dive center in the Red Sea that guarantees no more than 4 guests diving with a guide, for courses and guided. We are an Eco Centre, fully committed to responsible tourism. We are a family run club and offer a unique home from home experience. We are number one for our accommodation on Trip Advisor. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Where do you currently promote your center?

_____________We have our own website, and are long standing members of Responsible Travel too. Facebook page. Trip Advisor. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What was your favorite dive in this location and why?

_____________________________Hard question. I do love Eel Garden which I have done literally hundreds of times but never fails to move me, the light there from early morning to dusk is always amazing, I have seen everything from Turtle, Giant Morays and the spectacular fish ball made up of billions of silversides on the reef being chased by Trevallies never fails to give you a wow moment.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What types of diving are available in this area?

_________________________________mostly shore dives, but with some sited that can be reached only by boat too, on day trips.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Are you involved with any other center / locations?


What do you find most rewarding about your current role?

________________________________________________it’s our baby, Dive Urge is built with and shows the love of the area of Dahab. We are on every aspect of someone’s holiday from the first enquiry until their back home…and we all genuinely love making it the best holiday ever for folks. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How would you like help promoting your center?

_______________________Anything which shows the world that Egypt is very safe and not to believe the negative hype in the media which we have all suffered from since the revolution in 2010. I would like to promote not only our center but Dahab too, I really love this funky little town J_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What is your favorite underwater creature?

______________Another hard one eh? Of course we all get excited when we see a ray of any sort or a large moray sticking his head out of the coral etc.…but hands down got to be the Turtle, so serene and majestic…love love turtles )_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Are there any exciting changes / developments coming up in the near future?

___________________yes the British government will realize that they forgot to lift the ban on direct flights and take off the negative travel advice for South Sinai and let us all get back to work. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



As a center what is the biggest problem you face at the moment?

__________________________________________See above ;(_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Is your center involved in any environmental improvement?

Yes, loads, as I mentioned we only dive with 4 guest max and less if they are not compatible divers (i.e. different levels of experience or air consumption) this reduces the impact considerably as a guide can control 4 much better than 6,8 or even in Sharm… 10 + per guide!

We do regular pickups on shore and anything we come across in the water too, this creates also a good habit for our guests. We teach buoyancy skills to everyone; our Advanced Course includes the Peak Performance Dive as mandatory for this reason. We make sure guests equipment is well trimmed and no dangles.

We conserve water in our club using renewable well water for plants etc. We offer a bottle refilling service for our guests which dramatically reduces the amount of plastic bottles used. We re-cycle everything Inc fruit and veg which is given to the goats. We provide cotton bags for local shopping so our guests don’t have to use plastic bags.___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How do you see the SCUBA / Freediving / snorkeling industry overall? What changes would you make?

I think it needs to take a much bigger responsibility for the underwater environment. I think some dive sites should be closed for a period of time i.e. a year to allow fish to re populate it. All fishing should be stopped now, even by the indigenous population of Bedouins who see it as their right to do so, but the nets are the killers not the fish they take out.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



What it feels like to have a holiday here, by Lynn Rowley

WOW!!!! What can I say except for what fantastic place to stay in Dahab.

PADI, Scubadiving, Dahab, holiday, Red Sea

How a Dive Urge Holiday makes you feel.

The hotel is situated right on the beach opposite the Eel garden, a perfect location. Our room was lovely, clean and quiet. We arrived during the middle of the night which was was no problem, we were taken straight to our room to get our heads down to sleep. We would have our breakfast on the beach with the most beautiful views. Across the way you can see Saudi Arabia too. The hotel is very clean and the staff are just amazing!! The food is great and the hotel overall is very reasonably priced.

Our evenings consisted of either taking a stroll along the beach promenade into Dahab which was about 10 minutes or chill out in the seating area on beach at Dive Urge and have dinner there. Star gazing too, is fantastic there….

As for the diving….well what can I say…. I had just the best instructor ever…. Mamdoh. He was my amazing instructor who helped me pass my PADI OW qualification. I felt at complete ease with him and the man just oozes coolness! Nothing was a problem, I could happily ask as many questions as I liked and he would explain everything perfectly. His english is impeccable. We enjoyed his company so much that we went on to do a further 6 shore dives. I am a better diver because of him.

PADI Open Water, Dahab, Scuba, Diving, Red Sea, Holiday

Lynn feels the fun of diving

A trip to Abu Galum is a must. I am gutted now that we did not stay overnight… but definitely next time. To get there was an adventure in itself as we took a boat (with bumpy waters) although it is not always like that. The locals were very kind too especially little Nora! The dive sites were amazing as the pictures I have attached will show. For lunch we had chicken, rice, salad or vegetables. Tasted amazing!

Another must is the trip to the White Canyon arranged by Lynne. I have memories of this trip that will stay with me forever. Ahmed was just the perfect host along with Ibrahim and the driver. To get to the Canyon we went via a little village in the middle of nowhere, where there are these stone huts, that to date, their history is not known but extremely impressive. We then went and had a bedouin tea in the tiny village nearby and met the handful of families that live there. I have never been to a place quite like it. At the Canyon, there is a little climbing to do at the beginning to get down into the Canyon. Good comfy walking shoes are a must as is a hat, as it is hot hot hot!! At the end of the Canyon is an Oasis which is breathtaking. The contrast of the blue sky, red rock and green palm trees…… WOW! We stopped here and had lunch. The ride back was fantastic driving on the sand and all the bumpiness it brought!! So much fun!!

desert, trips, dahab, excursions, bedouins, white canyon

White Canyon Desert Trip

Lynne…. what a lady!!! So knowledgable, kind, funny and attentive. We even had the pleasure of joining her on a snorkel over to the Eel garden. In fact, I must say the whole Dive Urge family were amazing. We enjoyed their company very much.

We felt at complete ease, safe and very very happy to be at Dive Urge and Dahab.

Can’t wait to visit again!!

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  • Stayed: April 2017, traveled with friends

Getting to Dahab

This blog is to answer all the questions we have had recently about how to get to Dahab, insurance etc…hope it helps and that we see you here soon 🙂

the view as you exit Eel Garden Dive Site

The view as you exit Eel Garden Dive Site

Love Dahab? Here’s how to get here..

Don’t miss out on your holiday…If there never were any direct flights to Dahab from the UK…. would that mean that you would never come here on holiday?…Don’t let our governments dictate where you can go on holiday
There are lots of options to get here…check out our tip below, or contact us with your possible dates and we will happily check out all the options for you.
One of our regular guests is coming with EgyptAir and this is what she had to say….
‘Just booked my flights with Egyptair from London Heathrow to Cairo then onto Sharm, whole journey in just over 7 hours in both directions, got a huge 46kg of baggage included & even free food & drink, only cost £500, well worth it in my opinion. Can’t wait now for some sun’

Are you desperate for a dive holiday?

Summer is here in Dahab…temperatures are now in the mid-30 C and water temps are slowly creeping up, now at 24 C…A positive outcome of Dahab being so quiet, is that the fish and corals have thrived…so come and enjoy no crowds chilled diving.

Milk Fish @ Eel Garden

Milk Fish @ Eel Garden

Flying to Dahab

Check out all the cheap flights options to get here…..there are many ways to get here but the smoothest is to come to Sharm via Cairo. EgyptAir and British Airways both have scheduled flights to Cairo. Give us your possible dates and we will check out your options.

London-Cairo-Sharm flights ava

London-Cairo-Sharm flights ava

Travel Insurance:

There are lots of insurance companies will cover you 100% for flying into Sharm and travelling to/staying in Dahab, despite the amber warnings and flight ban; including:
Westfield Sub, Nationwide, Insure and Go, WorldNomads,
Buy Now

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