Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography:
Learn why the person with the same camera as you, is taking better pictures than you

photography underwater

Learn how to take great underwater photos

Do you like taking your camera when you’re diving…but you would like to take better pictures? Or have you never tried but would like to? We are offering a brand new photo service, here at Dive Urge so that you can get the best out of your existing camera. Why not book a one day course which includes 2 dives and dry sessions during the day to help improve your photo taking as well as editing skills?
Both the professional below have been chose for their skill in teaching photography as well as their eco ethos towards this precious environment…read on..
Kjeld Friis
Kjeld is passionate about his photography and has helped to judge underwater photography competitions too. His mission statement is: ‘As an avid photographer, both over and under water, I have started making underwater photo courses. My goal is to help people take home better photos from their dives, while conserving the environment at the same time’.
Fluro night diving
They say you haven’t really been night diving until you have done it with Fluro…why? Because most coral and fish light up in a totally different way once viewed under special fluro lights, what might seem like a boring piece of lichen or blungy coloured nothingness, suddenly looks like crushed red velvet under these lights…critters hidden from view, are suddenly visible as psychedelic …red turtle grass with a green eel gliding through…a hermit crab, orange and red body with green fringes…totally amazing. Kjeld, not only has the latest leading edgefluro equipment, he also has the correct filters so you can take images on your night dive, full presentations and equipment included.
Jenny Lord
Jenny is a English and a long term resident of Dahab and an experienced and passionate photographer of 10 years who has had her work published in Sports Diver and has had her image used on the front cover of Egypt Today. Jenny will help you make the most out of your camera; whether it is just a regular compact camera or a digital SLR, Jenny can show you how to get the best out of your camera.

You can decide to do this simply as a course to learn more or upgrade it to certify as a PADI Digital Underwater Digital Photographer.

Wreck Elephant

Ready for something unusual, in fact unique?
So there are lots of wreck dives to be had in the Red Sea but none as unique as the ‘Elephant Wreck’ dive in Dahab. Located centrally at the Lighthouse Dive Site in the main bay of Dahab, this unusual spectacle is creating a lot of interest and folk are queuing up to get their picture….next to the Elephant.
This sculpture has been made also of recycled materials; if you look very closely you will see old pans, drain covers, pipes and kitchen equipment which have gone to make up this Eco-Elephant.
Camels and goats are a more normal sight in Dahab as they can regularly be seen, roaming the streets or saddled up with Bedouin boys riding them….
This is just one of the many unique dive sites here in Dahab; Each one offering its own blend of the unusual or amazing. Why not check out our dive sites page for more ideas of what is available here?

lightouse, dahab, dive sites

Elephant dive in Dahab

Learn to Dive with the NEW PADI Open Water ‘Touch’

PADI have introduced a brand new way of learning to dive..BEFORE you come on holiday. No more boring books and sitting inside watching videos….. when all you really want to do is to be diving. Think of all those long hours you spend on the Tube, bus or train commuting to work….or even sat in the waiting room at the Doctors or Dentists…..all this time you could have been… learning to dive!
So what’s new about the PADI ‘Touch’ Well once you have downloaded it you can use it off-line, so there is no need for WiFi or an internet connection. The PADI Touch system takes you through each portion of the dive course with videos and regular reviews, to make sure that you have understood it properly before going on to teach the next section. The fun visuals make learning easy and more importantly it makes you to remember the salient points. Once you arrive here at Dive Urge we will do a quick review to make sure you understood and remembered it all and then you are off into the water, to experience the best feeling in the world, weightlessness underwater surrounded by breathtaking corals, fish, colors and light that make it all worth it.

So why not try the new system of learning or if you are already a diver, recommend this to family and friends. There are no more excuses for not learning to dive and not wanting to make your holiday about boring classwork, now all the time you would have spent watching a video in the classroom or reading your manual and answering questions can now be spent kicking back on the beautiful Dive Urge beach.

Another BIG advantage of doing your course on line before you come (and this does also include the ‘normal’ e-learning system) is that it now includes both your PADI PIC or certification card and your PADI Manual, both of which are mandatory and represent a saving of £65 plus. Also as the book is available on line for your use, anytime you want, it can’t get dropped in the bath and ruined and it is updated for FREE whenever the course changes or is updated. There is no excuse now to learning to dive and we look forward to welcoming you here to take you through your first steps into diving.

Gareth and Hannah learned to dive using PADI Touch system...before they came

Gareth and Hannah learned to dive using PADI Touch system…before they came
E-Learning is also available for all the other further education courses including PADI Advanced Open Water, PADI Rescue Diver, PADI Digital Underwater Photographer, PADI Divemaster, PADI Scuba Tune up.
Learn to dive anywhere... Learn to dive anywhere…

Welcome to Dive Urge

So finally you get to your holiday destination and you find you Welcome Folder in your room……Do you really read them? Does it help you with all your questions? We researched our new folder carefully, asking ourselves what we would want to see and in which order….So take a look at our NEW updated Welcome Folder and see what you think…..

Welcome to Dive Urge

We hope you enjoy your stay with us…

Your Room

WiFi-is Available throughout the club, the password is written on the notice board outside the office (next to the T-Shirt display cabinet) or on your welcome note.

Breakfast-Is served from 8:00 am until 10.30 am on the beach.

Air Conditioner – It is pre set for cool air, please only adjust the temp and not the other controls. Don’t put it too low as this can make you ill. 26/27 degrees or so is fine. Please remember to switch it off before you go out to save the environment.

Room Cleaning – We clean the rooms when YOU want. If you would like your room cleaned please hang you’re (Clean me notice) on your outside door handle or see one of the crew before you go out for the day.

Toilet Etiquette – Please do not throw any toilet paper or ladies products down the toilet. Please put it in the bin provided. There is a tap next to the toilet which you can use to clean yourself, watch out as it squirts upwards, so open it….…. s l o w l y 

Extras – If you require anything for your room: tea/coffee tray supplies, fresh towels, spare soap, toilet paper (spares in your bathroom cabinet), just ask a Dive Urge Crew member.

Towels – Red towels are for room use only.
If you require a beach towel please see one of the Dive Urge Crew.

Where are we?


You will be pleased to find yourself right next to the beach. Eel Garden is the area in front of Dive Urge and is a famous snorkel and dive site.
Snorkelers’ should take advise from one of our staff before going, so we can point out the best way in and advise on conditions and protecting marine life.
The beach-path by the sea, takes you into Dahab’s main bay, with a range of shops and bizarres as well as bars and some nightlife. Please find enclosed a ‘pocket map’ which shows restaurants and points of interest on it.

What to do when you are not diving?

Beach- We have our own private beach in the front of Dive Urge. This is a great place to top up the tan, read a book or just chill out for the day and enjoy snacks and drink from our Food Urge Restaurant….It is also where we serve breakfast

Sea Kayak: We have a 2 man sea kayak for use, free of charge; coz we are nice just let one of the Dive Urge Crew know when you would like to use it (best when there is no wind.)And we will bring it onto the beach; don’t attempt this yourself as it is pretty heavy. We can provide life jackets for kids or anyone who is not a strong swimmer.

Mountain Dinner/Camel Riding – ( Inc in your accommodation package) : A scrummy dinner is served to you under the stars and also a chance to make your own Bedouin bread and even join in some fireside games. The ride up to the mountains can also be done by Camel for a small supplement.

Massage Therapist– Treat yourself to a relaxing therapeutic massage. We offer this service on-site in the Massage Room. One hour massage is 35 UK. Please see one of the office staff in advance to book. There must be a twelve hour gap between diving and massage for your safety.

Pool Table – Is situated in the main dome area of Dive Urge for you to enjoy. There are also backgammon boards if you wish to hone your skills or take on one of the Dive Urge Crew.

Our Services

Restaurant – Food Urge-We have a wide selection of European and Egyptian dishes for you to enjoy, but as we prepare everything freshly, do ask if you fancy something that is not on the menu and ask for how you’d like it… including any special dietary requirements.
If you would like to try our seafood please let us know in the morning so that we can get the freshest fish for you.

Alcohol – We do not sell alcohol, but please feel free to buy your own locally and chill it in our fridges.

Doctor – There is an English speaking Doctor available 24hrs. Please just let us know if you feel unwell as we can organize a house visit.

Laundry – If you need to have some clothes washed, Please tell one of the Dive Urge Crew. They will be delivered back to you in 24hrs. This is a nice way to get the laundry done before you go home.

Internet – We have a free Wi-Fi facility in the club. You can find password on notice board, outside the office Wi-Fi is also widely available. There are also many internet café’s in town.

Your Bill – You can settle your bill after your holiday by bank transfer …leaving you more time to relax on your last day. We can also accept cash, either in part of full payment. If you need to visit an ATM there are a few on the walk into the main town of Dahab, or outside the pharmacy in the local Assalah square.

Your Feedback

Guests Comments:
We really value your comments so please fill in our questionnaire, in the front of this folder (or if not please just ask in the office for a spare) so we can see how we are doing and we always welcome any suggestions for improvement which you may have.

Trip Advisor: We are proud to be number one in our category and as a small family-run business we rely on good reviews on all social sites. If there is something we can do better…please tell us, if not tell the world!

Facebook: Why not join our Dive Urge Facebook (DiveUrgeDiveResort) ‘like us’ and stay in touch with what’s going on here, we post items of interest, competitions and great diving piccies too.

Tips- There is a Tip Box on the main counter in the dome area and any money you kindly donate will be distributed evenly to ALL the Dive Urge crew.

We want you to have the best time here at Dive Urge as possible and to that end, please let us know if there is anything you need to enhance your experience. If you have enjoyed your holiday please let the world know via Trip Advisor, many thanks.

Dive Urge For Sale:

It is important to drink plenty of water (included in your accommodation package) while you are here…so why not have your own water carrier, keeping your water cool and making sure you drink plenty. ONLY £10 each and works well as a wine cooler when your home too.

Got the T-Shirt….Why not take a memento of
Dive Urge home with you? Dive Urge T-shirts
can be made to order, just have a look at our selection and let us know what you want.


Camel Safari – A Day at the National Marine park of Ras Abu Galum. The view from your camel is amazing and the diving will blow you away; a remote site that is much less dived and as a result has a huge array of fishes and brightly colored corals. Price includes; transfers, camels, snacks, drinks, a cooked meal for lunch & endless Bedouin tea.

Boat Diving – The fun of a Boat Day Safari cannot be missed. Heading south to Gabr El Bint, an area of outstanding beauty. Moored near to the shore, you can enjoy some truly amazing dive sites and it is a great day for snorkelers too. The supplement includes transfers, boat, snacks, drinks, and a home cooked meal on board for lunch.

P.A.D.I. Courses – We are a 5 star PADI Resort and offer the full range of PADI courses here at Dive Urge from learning to dive (PADI Open Water) up to PADI Dive Master and everything in between….. So if you fancy an Adventure dive or want to try diving or even progress with any skill or try something new, let us know we are happy to help

Speedboat Diving- All the fun of a day out to Ras Abu Galum but in a fraction of the time it takes to get there by Camel. Weather permitting i.e. little or no wind… and a min number 4.

Desert Safaris- A chance to explore deep into the desert, visit any one of the many natural beauties in the desert, famous and off the beaten track…se the true beauty of the desert and experience total peace.

Be a Responsible Traveler

Re-cycle collection – Please note that we have recycle bins both inside the club and on the beach for plastic, glass and cans. These are all collected and sorted locally before being sent to Cairo for processing. Our entire kitchen left over’s go to our goats, who are happy to help.

Dive Urge is committed to minimizing the impact we all have on this fragile Desert/Sea environment and we are committed to reducing this as much as possible. Please follow our tips for how to reduce your impact.

4-1 Under Water-We keep our group sizes are kept deliberately small to minimize the possible damage to the aquatic environment and also to enhance your experience.

Cotton Bags: – We provide a cotton bag in your room for shopping so you can say NO to plastic bags. Just ask us if you need more than one and please leave in your room for future guests. Empty plastic bags get carried by the wind up into the mountains and out into the sea. Here they harm our precious environment and the animals that live in it. We ask you not to accept plastic carrier bags from supermarkets and bazaars in Dahab.

Electricity –Turn off your Air Con when you leave the room.
Please help our environment by limiting the electricity you use while you are here. Don’t leave on lights and air conditioning when leaving your rooms. Unplug electrical appliances (i.e. phone chargers, laptops, I pods), when you do not need them.

Water – We are located in the middle of the desert and Dahab’s water supply is limited. Please try to take shorter showers and don’t leave the tap running when you are brushing your teeth.

Goats – We have our very own Dive Urge Goats, these are keep in Assalah (Bedouin Village behind the club) they love to take care of all the leftover food scraps.

Please help us to preserve this amazing place

Food Urge

Here is just a selection to tempt you, of what is on offer in our beach side restaurant, Food Urge. For a full menu please ask the Chef or one of the Dive Urge Crew. As we prepare meals, freshly to order, we can cater for most diets including vegetarian etc. Just ask for what you want and how you want it 

Dive Urge Special Pancakes-Probably the best way to start the day, two pancakes crammed full with fresh fruit yoghurt and honey! One of the chef’s specialties! Or the old fav: Fresh lemon and honey.

Or very English¬¬¬¬…Porridge- a big creamy bowl of hot porridge, is also a great way to start the day….especially before a day’s diving.

Traditional Egyptian Breakfast-Start the day with a bang! Foul beans, falafel, feta cheese, and pita bread!

Wraps-For lunch or a mid afternoon snack why not try one of our wraps with a filling of your choice. Choose from tuna mayo, chicken, egg mayo or feta cheese and salad. If there is something else you fancy please ask a Dive Urge team member.

Pizza-Fresh Pizza Bread with your own choice of toppings cooked in our special Pizza oven.

Dinner-We offer Egyptian platter or a Seafood platter as our specials.

Solo Travelers

Solo Traveler
There are lots of people who go on holiday on their own. It does not mean that they are sad, lonely people with nothing better to do and no-one to do it with…NO some have very busy lives at home and want to travel on their own, perhaps a Mum who has not had time to herself since having the kids, or a stressed business professional that wants to truly kick back and enjoy their own company. In a time when people are starting to reverse the whole philosophy of ‘multi tasking’ into Mindfulness, meditation and embracing the benefits of doing one thing at a time, but really well; diving has become a top way to do this. What better? Than diving under water, ignoring all the blub and noise above the surface to be only able to hear your own breath…but not in a floatation tank, no with diving you get to see fishes and coral, color and amazing creatures that will blow you away. But for whatever we think, diving may not be your partner or mates ‘cup of tea’ and thus you are left thinking where can I go where I will fit in but also be left alone to have some mindfulness, some time to myself to just contemplate life?
Dive Urge in Dahab has been providing quality bespoke diving holidays for 14 years now and with a 100% safety record. We have created a warm ‘home from home’ feel to our unique resort. Consistently number one on reviews, including Trip Advisor. And proud members of Responsible Travel, we strive to find new ways to improve on protecting the environment. Our small groups, MAX 4 divers to a guide, also encourages sociability as it is far easier to enjoy the company of 3 others, than a big group say on a liveaboard.
Our breakfasts are made to order: simply what you want and how you want it and this means no more facing the fear of every solo traveler….Facing the Hotel buffet on your own!!…there can be no more intimidating experience, I think than this. Our way, you can enjoy breakfast, at your leisure, on the beach watching the sea…it really does not get better than this.
We have been asked many times as a provider of dive holidays to all types of people, why we do not make more of a song and dance about what we do for the single traveler? well here you are, come and see why we are so different to the ‘big’ hotels’ and why we have a return rate of 80%.

See you soon.

Solo travel dive urge dahab

Enjoying a stress free breakfast on the beach at Dive Urge