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Photo Credits

360° Tour by Graeme Fordham

  • Diving, Header Image “Stonefish” by Juergen Donauer
  • Diving, Dive Sites, Image “Islands” by Juergen Donauer
  • Resort, Rooms, Images “Holiday Flats” by Graeme Fordham
  • Trips, Header Image “Sunrise seen from Mount Sinai” by Henrik Bernhard, stock.xchng
  • Trips, Header Image “Lonely raider” by Grzegorz Zbinski, stock.xchng
  • Trips, Header Image “sunrise at mount sinai” by Rich Goatly, stock.xchng
  • Blog 01/04/13,  “Spotted Eagle Ray” by John Norton
  • Prices, Header Image “economy crisis 2” by Sanja Gjenero, stock.xchng
  • Prices, Header Image “Credit Card 1” by Alex Fiore, stock.xchng
  • Prices, Header Image “Money” by Magda S, stock.xchng
  • Contact, Header Images “Woman using computer” by Ariel da Silva Parreira, stock.xchng
  • Contact, Header Image “people” by Carl Dwyer, stock.xchng
  • Contact, Header Image “Business Phone” by Steve Zazeski, stock.xchng


Video Credits

  • Gallery, Videos, “Octopus” by Clive Hanna,
  • Gallery, Videos, “Turtle” by Clive Hanna
  • Gallery, Videos, “Clownfish” by Clive Hanna



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