Dive Sites around Dahab

Dahab is an ideal diving holiday destination, with year round warm waters, bursting with colourful fish and coral life in an amazing range of colours. With Dahab’s coastline of almost limitless dive sites, only restricted by non evasive entry and exit points….you are spoilt for choice.
Below are some samples to enjoy.


Blue Hole

“Nothing ahead but the blue – and your whole body just goes, ‘Wow! I’m flying!’”

Enter the Blue Hole, via a ‘bell tower’ type shaft that brings you out at 30 meters to start your dive. This impressive wall-dive drops off to 1000 meters and with 50 meter plus visibility, the views into the blue are just awe-inspiring. Experience the vast blueness and huge schools of fish, as well as seeing a Hawksbill Turtle who might cruse alongside you.



“I dropped into the Canyon, gawping gently at the brilliant shards of light, with schooling fish sparkling and silhouetted against the surface.”

A large crack in the reef table, formed millions of years ago have left this impressive cavern/canyon in its wake. Glide slowly down into the dark recesses of the crack and realise that it is great fun looking back up into the light and bubbles. A chance to spot the rare Red Sea Walkman, as well seeing the stunning Red Sea anemone; home to our friend the Clown Fish.


Eel Garden

“It was excellent having Eel Garden dive site in front of the hotel.”

We are lucky that Eel Garden is our House Reef because it is one of the most beautiful dive sites in Dahab. Light and colours, reflected by the moon-like sandy slopes, makes this site so distinctive. Watch the Garden Eels swaying in the current, and disappear into the sand as you approach. Expect to see also large schools of Fusiliers, Purple Tang and Orange Spined Unicornfish.



“Puts me in mind of a cathedral, awe inspiring corals, and mind blowing colours.”

The Islands was described by the ‘Sunday Times’ as the best dive site in Dahab. There are 3 main Islands, formed from vast cathedrals of coral. This shallow dive is an underwater maze of colour and light which affords you a rare chance to swim with a huge school of ‘Yellowtail Barracuda’ as well as sightings of many different varieties of Parrott Fish, Scorpion Fish and a colourful collection of Xmas Tree Worms.


Om Sid

Set in the stunning Southern Oasis area, south of Dahab. Om Sid dive site shows off some of the finest table corals in the area, which always turns up interesting aquatic life such as: Torpedo Rays and Blue Spotted Rays, as well as a the occasional Hawksbill Turtle, but there are also some rare Nudi Branchs for those eagle eyed divers.


Coral Garden

This site is based at the ‘Canyon’ dive site. Exiting the shallow entry lagoon, you turn right and find yourself away from the crowds and able to enjoy this shallow dive, with small coves weaving in and out of the coast –line, showing off it colours in spectacular form. A great place to spot the rare ‘Red Sea Walkman’ and fab for photography too.


Three Pools

A shallow dive, consisting of three light filled, shallow pools, warm and teaming with life. There follows a drop off, following the coastline south with large pinnacles home to many species, to explore. Huge varieties of fish life can be enjoyed here such as the huge Blue Trigger Fish as well as large schools of indigenous Butterfly Fish.


Abu Helal

Helal means ‘crescent of the moon’ and this dive is based around a coral formation shaped like a crescent. With light reflecting sandy lagoons on both sides’ it is home to large table corals and is one of the most impressive and diverse sites in Dahab, with plenty of fish life to keep you entertained including large schools of Sweet Lips.