What currency do the local shops and restaurants take?
Egyptian pounds (or LE). For the most up-to-date exchange rate see www.xe.com/ucc/

What are the air and sea temperatures?

Click on a graph below to view a larger version in a new window, displaying the air and sea temperatures in Dahab respectively.

Air temperatures in Dahab   Sea temperatures in Dahab
Air temperatures   Sea temperatures

Will a shortie be warm enough?
The thickness of the wetsuit required will depend on your body type and tolerance to temperature. Usually a 5mm shortie is sufficient for the hot season (June-October), and a 7mm all-over suit is fine for the cooler season (November-May).

Where can I buy flights?
Flights go from UK to Sharm El Sheikh on a regular basis, here are some examples of flight companies you can try: Thomson, Easyjet or British Airways.

How long do airport transfers take?
The journey from the airport to Dahab is 100 km and takes approximately one hour, and it's a lovely drive through the desert mountains.


Can we pay by debit or credit card?
No, unfortunately debit or credit cards are not accepted by Dive Urge or most local retail outlets.

Can we buy alcohol?
The nearest off-license is a five-minute walk from Dive Urge and we provide a fridge where you can keep your drinks cold. Please drink responsibly and respect the local culture.

Should we pay the airport transfer driver directly?
No as he is employed by Dive Urge and therefore paid by Dive Urge.

Are towels provided?
Yes, we provide both bath and beach towels, which can be laundered at your request.

Can I bring a laptop?
Yes of course, we have wireless internet, and the electricity voltage is 220 v and 50 Hz which is compatible with most electronic devices from Europe.


How much can we expect to pay for lunches and dinners?
An average lunch price expect to pay between 35 and 60 LE and for dinner between 60 and 120 LE, depending on what you have and where you go.


Is it safe for a single Western woman in Dahab?
Yes it is safe in Dahab, it's been a popular tourist destination for years, but it is wise to respect the local culture.

What if I get sick?
We have excellent doctors on call 24 hours a day including hyperbaric chamber doctors, no need to worry!

What vaccinations do I need?

It is best to check with your GP which vaccinations you recommend for travelling to Sinai. Generally you will not need any more than usually required for travelling abroad.


Do we need a visa?
You do not need a visa if you remain in Dahab, but if you intend to travel outside of the area (for example to visit St. Catherine's Monastery), then a visa is required, which can be easily bought from the airport for approximately £15).