Clown fish and corals

Watch these clown fish, filmed in Islands dive site. As it is one of the most famous characters in the Red Sea and kids favourite; watch this colourful and playful Clown Fish and Antheas, set to music.


Awesome Octopus

Filmed in the Canyon dive site in Dahab, red Sea. As this species of octopus have no internal or external skeleton, they are able to squeeze into tight places. Watch this chap climb up the rock for fun and in time to the music.


Top Turtle

Enjoying his lunch of soft corals; watch this beautiful Hawksbill Sea Turtle, filmed at Gabr El Bint during a boat safari day. Munching on the soft corals at his leisure, set to a golden oldie & very English tune, enjoy.



A sneak preview what to expect at DIVE URGE – enjoy!