Getting to Dahab

This blog is to answer all the questions we have had recently about how to get to Dahab, insurance etc…hope it helps and that we see you here soon 🙂

the view as you exit Eel Garden Dive Site

The view as you exit Eel Garden Dive Site

Love Dahab? Here’s how to get here..

Don’t miss out on your holiday…If there never were any direct flights to Dahab from the UK…. would that mean that you would never come here on holiday?…Don’t let our governments dictate where you can go on holiday
There are lots of options to get here…check out our tip below, or contact us with your possible dates and we will happily check out all the options for you.
One of our regular guests is coming with EgyptAir and this is what she had to say….
‘Just booked my flights with Egyptair from London Heathrow to Cairo then onto Sharm, whole journey in just over 7 hours in both directions, got a huge 46kg of baggage included & even free food & drink, only cost £500, well worth it in my opinion. Can’t wait now for some sun’

Are you desperate for a dive holiday?

Summer is here in Dahab…temperatures are now in the mid-30 C and water temps are slowly creeping up, now at 24 C…A positive outcome of Dahab being so quiet, is that the fish and corals have thrived…so come and enjoy no crowds chilled diving.

Milk Fish @ Eel Garden

Milk Fish @ Eel Garden

Flying to Dahab

Check out all the cheap flights options to get here…..there are many ways to get here but the smoothest is to come to Sharm via Cairo. EgyptAir and British Airways both have scheduled flights to Cairo. Give us your possible dates and we will check out your options.

London-Cairo-Sharm flights ava

London-Cairo-Sharm flights ava

Travel Insurance:

There are lots of insurance companies will cover you 100% for flying into Sharm and travelling to/staying in Dahab, despite the amber warnings and flight ban; including:
Westfield Sub, Nationwide, Insure and Go, WorldNomads,
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