Price calculator for our rooms

Quick Info

  1. Our prices are in £ GBP sterling, simply use to find the rate in your preferred currency.
  2. Then select the number of guests wishing to holiday together.
    Please note that if the rooms are only big enough for 2 people (ie Garden and Sea View rooms) and you have a party of 3, you will be given the price for 2 guests in one room, and 1 in a room of  their own.
  3. Select your preferred type of accommodation, Garden, Sea View, Family Suite.
  4. n.b.If there are more than 4 of you in your holiday group, please contact us for prices and suitable accommodation options.
  5. Then select the number of nights you wish to stay, please note any arrival after 5pm (including thatnight/early hours of the morning) will count as the first night of accommodation.
  6. Note that the price for your accommodation is an inclusive package which includes:
    Both airport transfers to and from Sharm El Sheikh Airport.
    A freshly prepared breakfast of your choice (not buffet)
    Laundry Service.
    Drinking water filtered fresh water available throughout the club (no plastic bottles)
    Bedouin Mountain Dinner. (for parties of 2 or more )

    N.B. All our accommodation prices are subject to the local 26 % VAT & TAXES.

Once you have your accommodation price, check out which type of diving you wish to do, to give you a total for your dive holiday, or contact us directly at for a full quote.