Summer Newsletter

Step into summer…..
Come to Dahab

Dahab Happy…

What are the Dahabians up to now???

Find out and watch this funny ‘Dahab Happy Video’… hilarious got to watch this……….
All in aid of making the rest of the world realize what a top, safe & amazingly diverse destination Dahab is.
See if you can spot the Dive Urge crew in there…..

Floods: We have had lots of rain this year…
of Biblical proportions
…..exciting times with flash floods filling up the famous bridge area of Dahab bay too. Lots of green in the desert too.
Who doesn’t lurve a Turtle? A Hawskbill Turtle has been spotted hanging in The Islands for the last 2 weeks. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebookfor regular fishy updates.
Still UK diving? or you could go to Dahab, where the water is a tempting 26 degrees..sunny & warm.
DAN insured divers still covered here in Dahab, now at the new Hyperbaric chamber.