Travel Tips

How to get to Dahab:

Sharm El Sheikh is the best closest airport to Dahab; also known as Ophira. Flights to Sharm El Sheikh leave from various airports in the UK, currently; all London airports, Aberdeen, Belfast, Bournemouth, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Isle of Man, Jersey, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, New quay, Dublin.

Flight companies include: Easy Jet, Monarch, Thomson and Egypt Air.

It is usually best, if you know when you want to come, to book early as possible because the prices tend to go up as the lead time gets shorter. This is especially true if you are booking for the busy school holiday seasons. (Easter and October half term break are esp. popular) So start early and get a bargain.

Getting to Dahab, from Sharm airport, is easy via Mini-bus. We supply a pick up and drop off service via an air-conditioned mini bus, included in your accommodation package. The transfer is about 100 km’s and takes approximately one hour.


VISAS? Do I need one to visit Dahab?

If you are just coming to Dahab for less than 2 weeks (14 nights max), and intend to stay in the Dahab area, simply write ‘Dahab only’ on your entry card that you are issued with during your flight. However if you do plan to do some ‘trips’ whilst you are here, then it is best to pick up a visitor visa, which you can purchase for approximately £15 from the ticket office, before you go through passport control.

N.B. passports: must have a minimum of 3 months validity on them.


In Dahab

Dahab map

What’s the currency?

Egyptian pounds (LE) can be purchased before you come or via cashpoints around Dahab. As the exchange rates vary, it is worth checking XE for the latest rates. As Egypt is mostly a cash society, and does not normally accept credit cards. However, as you will have already paid for all of your booked holiday (see our Terms of Service) before you come, you should only need enough cash for local spending; restaurants, shopping and taxis etc.


How much can we expect to pay for lunches and dinners?

For an average meal, expect to pay between 40 and 90 LE and for dinner between 60 and 120 LE, depending on what you have and where you go. See here for our in-house restaurant prices: Food Urge Menu.


Can we buy alcohol?

The nearest off-license is a five-minute walk from Dive Urge and we provide a communal fridge (for Garden Rooms) and Sea View and Suite room are fitted with a fridge, where you can keep your drinks cold. Please drink responsibly and respect the local culture, to avoid causing offence, please remember that in Egypt, as with all Muslim countries, drinking is against their religion.


Are towels provided?

Yes, we provide both bath and beach towels, which can be laundered at your request, included in your accommodation package


Is there Wi-Fi at Dive Urge?

Wi-Fi is available on site if you would like to bring your laptop/tablet/I phone with you. The electricity voltage is 220 v and 50 Hz which is compatible with most electronic devices from Europe. The power sockets take 2-pin rounded fittings, which can be easily bought, so you will need a 3 pin to 2 pin adapter.


What’s the weather going to be like when I come?

Average temperaturedu-sea-temperature

Dahab is a year-round destination with warm waters and sunshine for 355 days of the year. Top temperatures in summer reach 40-45 degrees but the off shore breeze in Dahab, keeps it from ever getting too hot and it is never humid. Although it does get cooler in winter (16-20 degrees), it is still possible to enjoy a diving holiday and for some folk, they prefer the cooler months.


Which wet suit shall I bring?

The thickness of the wetsuit required, will depend on your body type and tolerance to temperature. Usually a 5mm shortie is sufficient for the hot season (June-October), and a 7mm all-over suit is fine for the cooler season (November-May). Please note that full dive equipment is provided for all courses, Inc. a wet suit to fit you.


Is it safe to travel in Egypt?

Is safe, generally and no more dangerous than travelling around Europe or even the UK. For the latest information from the British Embassy, click here. The Egyptian people are notoriously friendly and helpful and will help, if they can.


What’s the dress code?

It is usually very safe in and around Dahab, and indeed around mainland Egypt. However please take care, if you travel to Cairo or any large cities, to please cover up your arms and legs as this can cause offence to some folk. Remember that this is a different culture to ours; so respect and enjoy the differences.

It is easy to travel around Egypt and for most journeys there does not need to be a big lead time, i.e. you can organise a flight or a bus journey fairly easily once you are here.


Emergency/Medical Information

We have a hyperbaric chamber here in Dahab to deal with any diving incidents. We also have GPs who can see you on appointment or on call out, if necessary, should you start to feel unwell during your stay. The medical facilities, which include 2 hospitals here in Dahab (Polyclinic, DSH), are clean and well cared for.

Dentist Dr. Nasser has a world-wide reputation too and lots of folk choose to get their dental work done in Dahab.


Diving Regulations

In order to dive you must:

  • Be aged a min of 10 years old, no max age.
  • Be a confident swimmer.
  • Be fit and healthy and able to answer no to all the questions on the medical. If you have to answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions on the medical, then you must have a doctor’s note to cover it.

What vaccinations do I need?

It is best to check with your GP or here which vaccinations you recommend for travelling to Sinai. Generally you will not need any more than usually required for travelling abroad.


PADI legal requirements

Download the PADI medical statement which you will need to complete before commencing diving. If there are some question you have to put ‘yes’ for then please ask your GP to make sure you are fit for diving and sign the medical statement for you, with the exception covered for. You can also download the ‘statement of diving’ and ‘statement of liability’ here which you will be asked to sign before you start diving.

Also, if you like, you can read the PADI liability statements, which you will be asked to sign, once you arrive and will be countersigned by your PADI Instructor, before commencing diving.