St. Catherine’s Monastery

“A geological wonder of different rocks and formations, combined with soft light; it is truly a magical area”

The St. Catherine’s Monastery, built on the foothills of the famous Moses Mount, was originally a fourth century Monastery, founded by the monks whose ancestors still live here till today. A fascinating place, steeped in history, which can be enjoyed as a day trip to include visiting some others stunning areas, such as; White Canyon and The Nuwami.


White Canyon & Ain Hudra

“Experience the peace and tranquillity of this stunning white sand valley, which slowly reveals stripes of colours you cannot imagine …”

The White Canyon is the result of years of flash floods cutting through the rocks over millions of years, revealing amazing stripes of colour within the strata of the rock. The valley leads gently down to Ain Hudra, a natural oasis offering shade, cool water and an excellent lunch freshly prepared by your guide. This trip can be combined with any of the other attractions we offer.


The Nuwami Tombs

“Circular dry-stone tombs, more than 3500 years old, out in the open … just extraordinary!”

The Nuwami Tombs are prehistoric structures, which can be dated back to the Copper Stone Age, which was about 3150-4000 BC Set along a ridge of compressed sandstone, which forms the slates used to build these structures. They are ancient burial tombs, which all face west towards the rising sun.