Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography:
Learn why the person with the same camera as you, is taking better pictures than you

photography underwater

Learn how to take great underwater photos

Do you like taking your camera when you’re diving…but you would like to take better pictures? Or have you never tried but would like to? We are offering a brand new photo service, here at Dive Urge so that you can get the best out of your existing camera. Why not book a one day course which includes 2 dives and dry sessions during the day to help improve your photo taking as well as editing skills?
Both the professional below have been chose for their skill in teaching photography as well as their eco ethos towards this precious environment…read on..
Kjeld Friis
Kjeld is passionate about his photography and has helped to judge underwater photography competitions too. His mission statement is: ‘As an avid photographer, both over and under water, I have started making underwater photo courses. My goal is to help people take home better photos from their dives, while conserving the environment at the same time’.
Fluro night diving
They say you haven’t really been night diving until you have done it with Fluro…why? Because most coral and fish light up in a totally different way once viewed under special fluro lights, what might seem like a boring piece of lichen or blungy coloured nothingness, suddenly looks like crushed red velvet under these lights…critters hidden from view, are suddenly visible as psychedelic …red turtle grass with a green eel gliding through…a hermit crab, orange and red body with green fringes…totally amazing. Kjeld, not only has the latest leading edgefluro equipment, he also has the correct filters so you can take images on your night dive, full presentations and equipment included.
Jenny Lord
Jenny is a English and a long term resident of Dahab and an experienced and passionate photographer of 10 years who has had her work published in Sports Diver and has had her image used on the front cover of Egypt Today. Jenny will help you make the most out of your camera; whether it is just a regular compact camera or a digital SLR, Jenny can show you how to get the best out of your camera.

You can decide to do this simply as a course to learn more or upgrade it to certify as a PADI Digital Underwater Digital Photographer.