Dive-Urge is a boutique, 5 star P.A.D.I. Gold Palm Dive Resort in Dahab, Red Sea, which has been established for 11 years now.
With on-site accommodation, restaurant and large private beach. We have been successful in offering very special customized Dive Holidays, resulting in an 80% return rate.
We are here for those people who are looking for something off the beaten track and feel they deserve some personalized service. We are here, basically, for anyone not wanting an en- masse holiday experience.

Why not read some of the comments from our guests in the Visitor Book? Or Log onto Trip Advisor We are the Trip Advisor Travelers choice for 2012.

Diving Group Grouper diving with Ahmed Hammock briefing

As a Gold Palm PADI Resort we offer the full range of P.A.D.I. Courses available from introduction dives; Discover Scuba, Open Water, Advanced Open Water through to EFR (First Aid, CPR) Rescue and Dive Master. We also teach many specialties which result in an official credit and certification card, as well as experience in different types of diving.

Guided Dives 10 dives as a package £225

If you are already a diver then we will take you through an initial dive consultation which will both refresh your skills and help you get accustomed to being underwater as well as adjusting any weights. We also help you to work on new techniques to improve and fine tune your buoyancy, air consumption and any other niggles you may have during the course of your dive holiday. We also offer a range of P.A.D.I. Specialties to expand your ability and interest.

We offer special ‘Dive Packs’ so you can receive 10% off your dives when buying 10 or more dives.

The philosophy of Dive-Urge is to help others appreciate the underwater environment and reduce the impact that diving and snorkeling has on the precious reef. Minimizing this by taking only small numbers (MAX FOUR) and by using established entry/exit points as well as polishing the all important neutral buoyancy skills.

Guided Divers Gearing up and off we go Loverly Lion Fish

We guarantee a 4-1 ratio for all divers (4 divers to one PADI Professional guide) for ALL our courses and guided diving. We also offer 1-1 diving too, if you prefer..

This way YOU get the attention you need on courses and guided dives and we help reduce the environmental impact on our fragile reefs too. It is a lot easier to watch over four divers than the normal 6 - 8 + as with most clubs here in Dahab. Also if there is some fragile aquatic life, you are much more likely to be able to see it in a small group.

P.A.D.I. Beginners / Learn To Dive £30 plus equipment

PADI Discover Scuba:

This is an excellent way for you to see what diving is like, before you commit to a course. A professional PADI Instructor will fully brief you before you go to the water. Then begins an underwater tour in the amazing world of fishes and corals. This is a good way to start your Open Water Course as the skills completed can be credited towards your Open Water certification too.

Open Water Divers Diver Diver

PADI Open Water Course: £290 pp

This is the course which will take you from total beginner to Open Water diver The course itself takes between three and five days and fully covers all aspects of learning to dive in 5 easy to follow modules, both in and out of the water. Highly recommended to do your studying for this on line.

Advanced Diving...PADI Advanced Open Water Course £210 pp

This Course and gets you familiar with different kinds of diving whilst still under the care of an Instructor. The course consists of five dives with knowledge Reviews to match, so you get the most out of each dive. The course normally takes two days. Here at Dive-Urge we make Peak Performance a mandatory dive, to improve the most important skill in diving. Three dives from this course will make you a PADI Adventure Diver.

Night Diving Diver Advanced Diver

PADI Specialties: From £70

This is a great way to advance you’re diving in areas that may interest you. By taking each subject and devoting between two and four dives to it, with briefings and a knowledge Review from your PADI Instructor, you will really feel the benefit and expand your dive knowledge. Some of the specialties offered here include: Peak Performance Buoyancy, Digital Photography, Night, Deep, Multilevel, Drift and Naturalist.

EFR / Rescue.PADI Rescue Course £185 pp

This is one of the most rewarding courses available. It takes two or three days and the aim is to not only learn to help others, but first to take care of yourself. In doing so, you are less likely to become a victim as well. Valuable lessons learnt on this course and your whole approach to future potentially accident situations will be flavored always by the "Stop, Think, Act" philosophy taught during this course.

Rescue Course EFR Diving

EFR First Aid Course: from £57

The EFR includes life saving techniques such as CPR. We cover accident prevention, assessment as well as bandaging and splinting utilizing first aid scenarios. This course can be done in one day or over a couple of evenings/afternoons and as it is a non-diving course, can be taken by anyone, including children.

P.A.D.I. E-Learning

What a great idea for those of you wishing to cut out any studying whilst on holiday. This method means you can complete all your course work in the comfort of your own home (or work) at a time that suits you. For busy people this means that you do not have ‘homework’ on holiday and usually the course is faster when you are here as a result. We are able to be on line if and when you need support or would like to talk to an instructor about anything. Children wanting to learn to dive benefit from this method too as all the learning is out of the way before the holiday so let the fun begin! Joining this scheme also means you have a permanent version of the course on line, which negates the need for a manual (mandatory otherwise @ cost of 35 UK).

E-learning options are available from P.A.D.I. for an increasing number of courses now such as Open Water, Advanced, Nitrox etc for more by just following the link below you will be re-directed to PADI.com for more information.

PADI eLearning


One of the areas we found that seemed to be poorly catered for in diving, was that of diving for people with disabilities. Here at Dive-Urge we have a positive approach to disabled divers and happily cater for any individual needs you may have. We are happy to be associated with Scuba Trust who do FAB work helping anyone with a physical disability to get wet and enjoy the experience.

Our whole facility was built with wheelchair users and folk with mobility issues, in mind. It is accessible with ramps, and all doors are wide enough to allow access for wheelchair users. Most of our Garden Chalets have grab rails in the bathrooms and we provide a plastic chair for use in the shower. Our attitude here at Dive-Urge is a positive one, so if you are up for the challenge, we are happy to make sure it happens.

We have had several articles written about us and the latest is an article written about us in Able Magazine :